Photography found me my junior year of college, in a classroom that backed up to a gorgeous arboretum. It was flowers galore, birds singing, pine trees so tall that when you looked up, you could see all sorts of beautiful shapes of the sky outlined by the tops of trees kind of place. On a whim, I took a film photography class and it wasn’t long before I realized that this is exactly what I wanted to do in this life of mine. I spent so many late nights carefully unwinding my film and watching it come to life in the darkroom. It was all an art in itself, the process of film, from taking the photos to developing them. From then on, I was enamored. 


This “job”of mine is something I hold near and dear to my heart. With this job, that I treasure so much, I get to capture those moments in our lives that take our breath away. The tears shed, the laughter shared, and the unexpected, seemingly small moments that become so much more precious and important than we ever thought they would be.. I live for it all. 


When I am not behind the camera, you can find me running wild around the park with my 4 year old, working in the garden, and soaking in the outdoors…always. Many weekends I have spent my mornings getting lost in my parent’s old albums. My mother, a stunning island hippie girl in the 70’s was born and raised in Puerto Rico and documented all of her youth with my father from the time they first met. To have that, is such a gift to me.


Have an event you want to have documented? Whatever the celebration is, I am so glad you’re here. Let’s meet over a coffee and collaborate to make your day unforgettable. 

xoxo Monica